The Rise of IoT

ebook cover - the rise of IoT

The Internet of Things or IoT has become an increasingly hot topic for everyone who is connected to the internet. The possibilities that lie ahead of us are innovative and ground-breaking. We take a look at some of those predictions as well as looking at the possibilities it will create both in our professional and personal lives.

By establishing our vision for the future and the current benefits of field service management solutions, we look at where people fit in with changing technology, how it benefits customers and improves staff morale.


This eBook outlines where your business should be when it comes to IoT and implementing innovation changes, starting with digital workforce management.

We will analyse:

  • IoT and the office
  • IoT and mobile working
  • IoT and healthcare
  • IoT and social lives
  • The future for people
  • A new way of working
  • Staff morale
  • Our foundations

We will conclude with where you are in relation to IoT and what it means for the future for your business.


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