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Workforce Scheduling Solution

Optimise provides a scheduling solution that ensures the most efficient allocation of staff to achieve complex scheduling goals, while maintaining the ability to rapidly react to required changes during the day.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

More efficient scheduling means your staff spend more time delivering services and less time travelling. This means you can reduce your carbon footprint and provide a more environmentally friendly service.

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The Highland Council

The Highland Council is unique. It covers an area 20% larger than the size of Wales. It covers Highland, and many of the small islands as well. They employ in the region of 11,000 staff. They have approximately 2000 public buildings, and roughly 13,500 council houses. This large area, along with the high number of properties, makes service delivery incredibly challenging.

When deciding on a mobile working solution, there were a lot of requirements that needed to be considered. The major one, was connectivity. It was important that The Highland Council implemented a solution that allowed them to work both online and offline. One of the challenges they deal with, especially out in the small islands, is poor connectivity.

They also sought a solution that was modern, flexible and dynamic, so they could meet the requirements of all types of operatives, be it Transport workers, or Housing & Repairs operatives. 

Totalmobile provided The Highland Council with both; a dynamic solution, that can be spanned across multiple departments, and which works online and offline. The Highland Council is using Totalmobile to mobilise the workforce for Repairs and Maintenance, which includes scheduling work or operatives across the Highland region. And it’s received excellent feedback from the frontline.

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