Everyday a significant amount of passengers use railway services as their preferred choice of travel whether it’s for business or leisure, the rail sector connects people and businesses and permits the economy to thrive. There is a growing demand on usage within the rail industry, with more services offered and used each day to keep up with passenger demand and expectations. Consequently, the need to drive growth whilst reducing costs and delivering a quality service within the rail sector is imperative.

The instrumented station is the vision of the future for the rail industry as it ensures processes are automated and optimised and allows organisations to obtain a better understanding of the current situation of working environments. The rail sector can therefore transform the way services are offered by generating data from every interaction with customers and physical assets to help make informed business decisions in real time.

A key enabler of the instrumented station is IoT. Totalmobile’s IoT solution can automate the creation and undertaking of any required work that has been identified to streamline operational processes and enhance service delivery. The ability to action data by IoT sensor technology enables your organisation to improve passenger experience, keep services running smoothly, enhance compliance and ensure your employees are productive and empowered with the correct technology to deliver services efficiently.

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