Introducing Totalmobile’s Workforce Scheduling Solution

Totalmobile’s dynamic workforce scheduling solution ensures the efficient allocation of resources and enables organisations to achieve complex scheduling goals.

Ensuring the right member of staff is at the right location, at the right time, to deliver a particular service, is an age-old challenge for organisations delivering field-based services. This, combined with additional considerations such as travel distance between jobs and how best to maximise the relevant skills of each member of staff, makes achieving the most efficient allocation of staff resource an almost impossible task.

Even when a team of talented, experienced planners can establish an effective schedule, all it requires is for a job to overrun, a member of staff to fall ill, or a delay in traffic to essentially make that initial schedule redundant.

It’s clear that the consequences of ineffective scheduling can have a significant impact on the efficiency and reputation of a company’s service delivery. That’s why organisations are looking towards innovative workforce scheduling solutions, to help them not only increase the efficiency of their workforce, but ensure compliance with standards and enhance the quality of services being delivered to their customers.

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