A Complete Care Management Solution for Reablement Services

Reablement is a short and intensive service, usually delivered in the home following a referral from hospital, which is offered to people with disabilities and those who are frail or are recovering from an illness or injury. The purpose of reablement is to help people stay independent and regain the ability to perform their usual activities, such as cooking meals, washing, dressing and improving their mobility.

Totalmobile provides an end-to-end solution with intuitive and responsive real-time support monitoring and planning capabilities. It allows you to maintain service users, set up schedules for their support plan, regularly assess for goal planning and check capacity for onboarding new service users.

In addition, you can also dynamically schedule daily visits to optimise support workers, track progress of their working day while providing the necessary tools to manage and assess the entire service through our real-time dashboards.

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