Nottinghamshire County Council is the 11th largest local authority in the UK, servicing a population of over 796,000 people.  Like most local authorities, Nottinghamshire faces significant ongoing budget reductions, with a requirement to save a further £50m over the next four years.

Technology has been at the heart of the council’s agenda to “do things differently” and Ivor Nicholson, ICT Service Director of Nottinghamshire County Council, has stated that “savings and efficiencies have to be creative and innovative”. It was this forward thinking that began them on their mobile working journey in 2013.

One of their key requirements was integration, the council’s ICT department connects over 130,000 users over 600 buildings, using more than 30,000 computers and equipping 2,000 remote workers. Over 600 front line workers are based in Adult Social Care. They needed information gathered at the point of service to be relayed back to these systems as quickly as possible. As this information was essential in keeping social care professionals up-to-date and able to make informed decisions.

They are already realising benefits such as 17% productivity gains, 90 minutes saved in initial assessments, and £600 per employee per annum in travel savings. Staff no longer have to return to the office, instead they can complete assessments on their mobile devices.

Connectivity was another major consideration for the Council, with the North of the county having significant connectivity issues, but Totalmobile’s mobile working solution saves all information whether offline or online and syncs to the back-office once re-connected.

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Customer Thoughts

“Totalmobile enables social workers to do what they are good at, and that’s dealing with people.” Sarah Royles