Mobilise from Totalmobile

Despite the rise in mobile working, service delivery is still hampered by inefficient processes including:

  • Significant paperwork and admin which takes up large amounts of time across the working day
  • Unnecessary travel to and from the office, which not only wastes time, but increases operational costs and carbon emissions
  • Limited access to all required information which often makes it difficult to deliver a quality service and leads to frustrations from both the staff member and the service user

This has a direct impact upon the quality and efficiency of services that can be delivered by staff. Therefore, organisations are looking at ways in which they can streamline the delivery of services and empower their workforce to deliver more services, of the highest quality at reduced cost.

The new release of Mobilise from Totalmobile can help improve these processes. Mobilise from Totalmobile is a mobile workforce management solution that empowers staff to capture intelligent data and access the key information required to deliver services efficiently, first time. Providing a native application, that can work on any device or operating system, Mobilise provides staff with all the information they require to complete their work efficiently.

The new release of Mobilise offers users a range of new features and key integrations that enhances the value it provides, enabling additional transformational benefits to be experienced.

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