Lynch Interact, are an Irish-owned company who specialise in the provision of complete facility support and building fabric services. They have a long established reputation for excellence with their customers since their establishment in 1956. To continue providing the highest level of customer service, they decided to begin their mobile working journey with Totalmobile. They experience an efficiency increase of up to 50%.

Managing communications between their field staff and clients was a key requirement when they sought a mobile working solution, eliminating paperwork was also essential. The mobile solution from Totalmobile was able to provide a mobile solution that met their needs; their field staff now record and access all information on their mobile devices, removing the need for them to carry paperwork or return to the office. It also improves the accuracy of data as forms are easy-to-use.

All work is monitored transparently in real time, empowering their engineers to retain reports, maintain checklists and provide photographic feedback while out on site. Both Interact and their clients can view a customer portal where they can understand what stage each job is at – improving communications.

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Customer Thoughts

“This technology is vitally important because it now allows us to track, in real time, problems within our buildings and how they may be resolved.” Robert Keane, Associate Director

“Real time reporting has also resulted in an increase of sales with existing customers. We have also seen an impressive 40-50% efficiency increase within head office as manual report writing has reduced significantly.” Robert Keane, Associate Director