Kirklees Council represents one of the larger local authority districts in England and Wales, ranking eleventh out of 348 districts and is the third largest in area, covering 157 square miles.

Totalmobile has worked alongside Kirklees Council since 2008, implementing a Mobile Workforce Management solution which was rolled out to over 240 field operatives.

With the successful implementation of Mobile Workforce Management, the next phase of their mobile journey was the introduction of Dynamic Scheduling. Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) set up by Kirklees Council in 2002.

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increase productivity chart
On average 20% more jobs are completed per day
  • Operatives now have even more access to job information on their mobile device including viewing their day and future schedules
  • The organisation has seen a saving of £9k per year for support costs, with a further saving on interfaces of £5k per year
  • Cost effective, user friendly solution, developed with the end users in mind
  • The scheduling solution takes away a lot of pressure for planners by completing everyday repairs scheduling
  • Ability to replace paperwork such as timesheets, van checks, risk assessments and condition surveys.

Customer Thoughts

“During a time of change at the Council we were concerned that there would be a drop in productivity, but through the mobile solutions we managed to not only preserve productivity levels, but year on year, we have improved. We are achieving our target of 5.75 completed jobs per day.”  Service Improvement Manager, Kirklees Council