Embracing the ability to connect sensors via the internet and automate subsequent actions is transforming how we work.

For organisations, IoT provides the opportunity for ground breaking improvements by enhancing services, increasing engagement and strengthening security.

In this use case examples booklet, we will explore some ways in which IoT technology can be utilised to transform and manage workforce efficiency within a range of different industries. We’ll take a look at how IoT enabled sensors work by monitoring and analysing information, enabling automated job creation and allocation, driving efficiencies for organisations.

From monitoring vaccines in smart fridges, to notifying preventative break fix issues such as a boiler repair, to monitoring footfall on different modes of transport or even intelligently preventing flooding via smart gullies; IoT and connectedness can have a significant impact within your organisation and workforce. From Facilities Management, Transport and Logistics, Health to Local Government, learn how IoT can benefit your organisation.

how IoT and Mobile Working can transform your org

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