Connect has enabled Havebury to have live reporting, on the go, 24/7. 

Work Order Management Solution

Connect provides a comprehensive range of capabilities via a fully integrated solution, that empowers organisations with enhanced levels of control and visibility surrounding all aspects of job management.


With Connect, organisation’s have an increased visibility of the current situation of work, their field teams, assets, materials and costs.

Havebury Housing

Havebury Housing Partnership manages over 6,400 homes, providing homes for affordable rent and shared ownership located in towns and villages across the East of England.

They work with local authorities, agencies and other housing associations, so they can meet local social housing needs and provide community services. Using their resources to improve lives, they are currently in the process of investing £60 million in new homes, while managing their increased number of homes without a proportionate increase in overheads.

Havebury carried out a procurement exercise where they undertook a detailed analysis on the solution they required, resulting in a detailed specification list of what they expected from the software. Before selecting the software Havebury contacted existing Totalmobile customers, to learn how they were using the Connect solution and develop a better idea of how they could utilise it within their own organisation. After this exercise, Havebury realised the Connect solution ticked all their boxes and were particularly impressed with all the references and feedback from existing customers. After undertaking this process they knew they could use Connect to help their growing business. Read the full case study to see how Totalmobile helped Havebury tackle their challenges.

“… The solution is user friendly and transparent, providing detailed live widgets and dashboards which have been very useful…”

Steve Leathers, Maintenance Operations Manager, Havebury Housing