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Work Order Management Solution

Connect provides a comprehensive range of capabilities via a fully integrated solution, that empowers organisations with enhanced levels of control and visibility surrounding all aspects of job management.


With Connect, organisation’s have an increased visibility of the current situation of work, their field teams, assets, materials and costs.

Clancy Docwra

Clancy Docwra is part of The Clancy Group Plc, one of the largest privately owned construction firms the UK. Clancy Docwra’s company mission is to be the most trusted provider of central services in the UK. 

In order to achieve this mission, Clancy Docwra implemented Totalmobile across all contracts within the businesses used by their gangs and their operatives as part of a combined project named ClancyMobile. 

Totalmobile were selected because their solution was found to be the easiest to use for gangs working out in the field. Offering an exceptionally flexible framework, Totalmobile allowed the creation of new workflows and forms without the need to engage expensive developers, helping keep project costs low. 

Read the full case study to learn more.

“Totalmobile is a system that gangs and operatives want to use. It makes their lives easier, it makes their jobs quicker, and they can get on with the work they need to do.”

Head of Mobile, Clancy Docwra