Providing Choice Services with transparent data in real time and access to accurate information 24/7. 

Work Order Management Solution

Connect provides a comprehensive range of capabilities via a fully integrated solution, that empowers organisations with enhanced levels of control and visibility surrounding all aspects of job management.


With Connect, organisation’s have an increased visibility of the current situation of work, their field teams, assets, materials and costs.

Choice Services

Formed in 2017, Choice Services Ireland Ltd boasts a 9,000-strong housing stock across 100+ mobile users and contractors. Choice Services provides PPP (Private Public Partnership), a social housing bundle that covers over 550 dwellings as part of its diverse management service offering.

After successfully implementing Connect as their primary job management system, Choice Services Ireland Ltd expanded its housing stock from 4,000 to over 9,000 units. The performance of Totalmobile’s solution was a vital component of this expansion.

Early last year, with the impact of increasing inflation and the rising cost of living on tenants’ financial sustainability, Choice Housing evaluated value for money in the delivery of maintenance services. Analysing the results, Choice Services expanded their delivery provision within Northern Ireland to cover approximately 80% of Choice Housing stock. Despite inflation, this expansion saw an immediate cost saving on the response repairs budget and extended the award-winning tenant engagement process provided by Totalmobile.

Read the full case study to see how Connect from Totalmobile has helped Choice Services.

“Totalmobile Connect has brought us closer to our customers as it allows us to address any failure quickly and efficiently, as well as see where the team is excelling.”

James Sterling, Managing Director for Choice Services, part of Choice Housing Group