bpha is a large Housing Association based in Bedford managing over 19,000 homes and 500 staff. bpha operates across the Oxford to Cambridge arc. bpha have appointed Totalmobile to improve customer access to services through remote assistance video technology. Totalmobile will also provide management with full visibility of all works scheduled or in progress. Job management software Connect and mobile workforce management solution Mobilise will both be deployed. Connect & Mobilise will promote a more time & cost efficient service that’s easier to manage. The solutions will enable the clear measurement of workforce productivity for the first time.

The project will go live by Q4 2022 and provide transparency of the works process from start to end. This will ultimately deliver better customer service and provide managers with a holistic view of operations. Every contractor will be integrated to improve planning, management, and customer communication. A customer relations portal will be available, providing the repairs service contact centre with more control and visibility of the whole repair journey. This portal will also integrate with a contractor portal. A field service app on a mobile device will be used by surveyors and operatives completing repairs to access and report on jobs and help bpha meet its health and safety obligations.

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