Your definitive guide to mobile working in health and social care.

When it comes to implementing mobile working technology in health and social care it can be a daunting task. Particularly for clinicians and community care teams who are used to paper driven processes and are reliant on legacy systems. The fear can be around budget, the project running over or delivering less value than anticipated.

That’s why our mobile workforce management solutions are developed with clinician, community care and patient at the core. Every action is designed to make life easier, to give back more time to care. We want a successful implementation so your organisation can start benefitting from mobile working.

Mobile working enables clinical staff to have immediate access to patient information, for community nurses to no longer have to carry case files to and from visits. Instead, mobile technology provides them with access to clinical information directly on their mobile devices. The ultimate benefit is for patients who are able to benefit from a more holistic approach to their care.

What should you expect from this eBook?

This eBook outlines some of the challenges you may be experiencing on your journey to mobile working in health and helpful guidance to overcome them. You’ll learn from one of our own health customers, Virgin Care, who has been there and faced the challenges you are facing. Together we will help you shape a successful approach to your mobile working journey.

The 10 steps include advice on the importance of setting objectives, why a good UI is essential for health staff, and tips to help your clinicians or community teams adopt the technology. It also advises on collaboration with third parties, what you need to invest in, and how to ensure freedom of innovation. Plus much more.

It is the ultimate guide for health before embarking on your Mobile Workforce Management journey.

We hope you find it useful and informative.


10 steps Health & social care edition