10 Practical Steps to Mobile Workforce Management- Local Government Edition

10 Steps 3book - Local Gov EditionYour definitive guide to mobilising your mobile workforce.

Local governments face unique challenges when it comes to implementing a mobile working strategy. Deploying a mobile solution into multiple departments across a wide variety of skills can be daunting.

Fears over budgets, time-consuming implementation and unsuccessful user adoption in field teams, are some of the concerns of local government organisations. However, that is why our mobile working solutions are developed with field teams in mind, whether it’s social care, environmental or housing, every action is designed to make the recording of information simple and efficient. With the solution developed for any device, its native capabilities mean it is easy to use both online and offline. This seamless user experience ensures the accuracy of data and maximum user adoption.

What should you expect from this eBook?

This eBook outlines some of the challenges that local governments may face as they begin their mobile working journey. It highlights key steps in overcoming them and using mobile technology to improve service delivery.

You’ll learn from one of our own local government customers, Nottinghamshire County Council, and how they used mobile working to achieve greater benefits for their field staff.

The 10 steps include advice on the importance of setting objectives, why a good UI is essential for field staff and tips to help you invest in the right mobile technology, plus much more.

It really is the ultimate guide to consider before embarking on your mobile working journey within local government.

We hope you find it useful and informative.



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