Property maintenance software

What is property maintenance software?

Property maintenance software, also sometimes know as building maintenance software, is a solution which helps property managers organise their maintenance operations. Modern property maintenance software is mostly cloud based and provides an end-to-end solution that enables property managers be more efficient. Leading property maintenance software can also be used via mobile applications, making it easier for the operatives to always be connected, 24/7, while on the go.

Implementing property maintenance software allows organisations to be connect to all operatives, especially those out in the field. It helps property managers to work in real time allowing them to log and manage jobs and reschedule any work, prioritising workloads.

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What benefits does property maintenance software provide organisations

Having the right property maintenance software solution enables organisations to:

  • Plan, schedule and manage multi jobs more efficiently
  • Increase visibility of all property maintenance assets
  • Sign work more efficiently to operatives
  • Access real time access information 24/7
  • Better control on costs

Property management software allows property managers to store all information in the system, which enables them to run thorough analysis and gives them insights on their business. Proper data analysis allows you to spot any inefficiencies and discover new opportunities. This information also allows property managers to have visible dashboards displaying live information, while providing the ability to drill down into job specifics.

Taking control with a single system

Having property maintenance software not only provides property managers with visibility but also allows user to be empowered with the most relevant data when attending any job. Users are given the ability to look up information for the job in hand and also update notes and progress, whilst on the job.

The solution also allows operatives to send through job costing and invoices to the relevant departments without carrying out any manual paperwork, making it more efficient and transparent.


Property managers are able to view live dashboards with real time information showing them progress of jobs completed, with a RAG system helping them identify and risks to service delivery.

Performance – Unlock productivity gains and generate cost savings while delivering the highest standard of service.

 Empowerment – Provide all insights required in the field to enable employees to focus on outcomes.

Control – Harness real time accurate data, assuring compliance and respond to changing environments.

What helps the delivery of good property maintenance software?

To enhance your property maintenance software, organisations must ensure it addresses service user satisfaction. This can be done by providing them with a timely and cost-effective property maintenance service. Achieving first time fixes is key, not only for organisations but also for the operatives on the field.

With the rise of property maintenance software solutions, operatives and property managers are receiving more assistance to plan work better and have access to schedules. Providing operatives with the right tools to carry out their tasks is key. Through the use of property maintenance software, operatives can record job information and access real time information anytime, anywhere.

To transform how property maintenance software is delivered, organisations must look to drive enhancements in all areas related to the delivery of property maintenance. Having effective property maintenance software helps organisations have an increased visibility and understanding of all assets, helping detect any issues or potential actions that may be required:

  • Better manage work orders, associated costs and increase visibility of ongoing work
  • More efficiently assign required work to their workforce
  • Control the usage and ordering of materials
  • Empower staff with all information and equipment required to effectively deliver the service, enhancing the interaction between an organisation and their customer
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    A More Modern, Intelligent Way of Working

    Most property managers either keep all necessary information on spreadsheets on their laptops or in great piles of documents, which disables you from working anywhere else but your office.Having a property management software solution, via a web-based platform, allows you to work from anywhere at any time. Data is updated automatically and stored online, allowing both property managers and operatives access to all the necessary features right from the mobile phone.

    Having data on a spreadsheet provides a very manual process which is highly time-consuming, and prone to human error. It also doesn’t give you immediate results or access to information, users would need to analyse data in order to gain insightful information. Instead, this clearly requires even further time.

    With property management software, data is automatically updated, allowing any user of the property maintenance software to generate comprehensive reports on demand and regain control of both finances and overall service delivery.

    For a business to show efficiencies and cost savings, it is necessary to have an accurate solution providing data-driven decisions. Therefore, investing in a good property maintenance software solution not only helps save property / operatives time but will also help drive the business forward.

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