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In collaboration with your organisation, Totalmobile’s team of experts deliver a cost efficient service that gets jobs completed first time.  An integrated solution which includes job management, mobile and scheduling capabilities,  helping reduce operational costs whilst improving compliance with KPIs providing you with a competitive advantage.

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Planned Maintenance 

Planned maintenance involves pre-planned repairs and maintenance activity, replacing components regularly and before the point of failure. Whilst downtime is scheduled, planned maintenance still results in operational disruptions as machines are ‘offline’ for maintenance periods. Planned maintenance is not considered a cost-effective maintenance strategy, as it requires a ‘spare parts’ inventory and involves replacing components prematurely, before their lifespan has ended.

Predictive Maintenance

Connect uses condition monitoring tools to monitor the performance and condition of equipment and determine when maintenance should be performed.  The software predicts possible defects and estimates when they require fixing before a likely failure. As part of an organisations’ maintenance strategy, predictive maintenance differs from preventative maintenance whereby routine repairs and maintenance are scheduled to take place.

Asset Management 

Connect provides organisations with increased visibility of assets, enabling greater productivity, increased capacity and improvement of the overall delivery of service. Organisations can have complete confidence in where assets are located and ensure compliance standards are met.

Mobile Work Order Management

Our Mobile Work Order Management Software automates work assignment and allows managers and supervisors to schedule, track, and manage service requests, appointments, downtime, assets and material management, as well as work completed in real time.  It automates field workforces’ schedules, their activities, planned maintenance and preventative maintenance requests.

Field Service Dashboard

Our Field Service Dashboards provide organisations with intelligent insights into how their business is operating across all functions. These insights are beneficial to help increase revenue and manage KPI’s. Dashboards enable organisations to identify unnecessary cost inefficiencies, allows for better engagement and interaction with their customers, while improving communication and service delivery throughout their field-based workforce.

Mobile Workforce Management

Our Mobile workforce management ensures organisations can keep track of field-based teams, whilst streamlining processes and ensuring access to real time information, is available anytime, anywhere. Additionally, organisations can ensure standards and regulations are adhered to with field staff having access to mobile forms and workflows to ensure all necessary data and photographic evidence is captured and stored securely.

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