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With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing entire workforces to operate remotely, there are increased pressures being placed on the mental and general health of employees. To help assist organisations and their staff during this time, Totalmobile have released a solution that allows employees to easily record their current wellbeing and enable organisations to enhance their duty of care as an employer.

In early reports, the UK Government predicted that up to 20% of the UK workforce could be off sick during the peak of the current pandemic. However, this figure does not take into consideration the impact on the mental health of employees, who are now operating in isolation, without the regular support they would normally receive from their employers and colleagues.

The solution from Totalmobile enables employees to track their mental and physical health on a day to day basis; providing an insight into their mood, highlighting if they have been displaying any coronavirus symptoms and informing employers if they have been required to self-isolate. A report is then created and made available to the organisation, enabling them to evaluate current staff feedback on an individual, team and company level, providing them with a clear insight into the current status of their workforce.

By implementing this solution, organisations can provide better support to their employees, improving their duty of care. It also enables them to gain visibility of how their workforce is faring throughout the current challenging situation, the wider impact this may have to operations, and the actions that can be taken to improve the wellbeing of staff.

Totalmobile have already rolled this solution out to their own workforce who are all currently operating from home and are speaking to several public and private sector organisation that have stressed the need to monitor staff during this unprecedented period.

Chris Hornung, Chief Operations Officer, Totalmobile highlighted, “We are all currently operating within a working environment that is unique to anything that we have ever experienced before. As within many organisations at this time, the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers is our number one priority.

We have developed and released our Employee Wellbeing solution to provide organisations with the information they need to better support the wellbeing of employees and enhance their duty of care as a responsible employer. We’ve rolled this solution out to our own staff and the improved information around the status of our workforce has proved invaluable.”

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