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A Partnership Continuing to Transform the Health Sector

TotalMobile, the market leading mobile solution provider and OEM partner Blue Prism, the leading developer of robotic process automation (RPA) software, today announced deals with Bristol and Virgin to support 1,500 mobile devices.

TotalMobile and Blue Prism are expecting to sign other leading Healthcare providers during 2014 to drive greater customer experience and efficiencies.

The partnership has enabled TotalMobile to deploy its mobile solution across organisations more rapidly. Once deployed, the solution transforms the way people work and services are delivered within the Health Sector.

Blue Prism’s process involves robotically extracting information, critical to the efficient operation of community-based NHS staff, from NHS Trust systems and transferring this data to mobile devices, where TotalMobile resides as a native app. Patient data collected by staff using TotalMobile is then sent back to Trusts – and is immediately available for other clinical and administrative users. TotalMobile prides itself in the secure and efficient sharing of information. This is crucial in providing mobile solutions to the Health Sector.

The partnership supports TotalMobile in rolling out its mobile solution across an entire organisation faster and more efficiently, without waiting for additional IT development for existing Trust systems. Leveraging Blue Prism RPA software, the TotalMobile solution realises benefits almost immediately once deployed; it increases productivity, improves services and saves costs – transforming service delivery and performance in the NHS.

TotalMobile has proven to free up as much as two hours per day for individual clinicians by eliminating paperwork, mitigating unproductive travel, – and streamlining workflow and data capture.

The two companies initially collaborated on a pilot in Bristol Community Health where Blue Prism assisted in deploying TotalMobile.

Following the implementation of TotalMobile the Chief Executive of Bristol Community Health reported that clinicians surveyed as part of the pilot are 35 percent more positive about their ability to do their job to a standard they are satisfied with, and respondents feel 31 percent more able to manage caseload demands better. Clinicians using the solution are saving significant time on every shift through the elimination of paperwork, unnecessary travel and data entry to patient record systems; for example, they are saving at least 30 minutes per shift on data entry to just one system. Following the Pilot’s success, Bristol Community Health has since rolled out the solution to other areas of the organisation.

“TotalMobile is proving its worth as one of Blue Prism’s ‘high value solution providers’”, -said Alastair Bathgate, CEO of Blue Prism. “We are pleased with our collaborative work to drive more efficient, cost effective processes, and are excited to continue fuelling enhanced mobile customer experiences as we work with more Healthcare providers.”

Having focused on Healthcare over the two years, TotalMobile has acquired numerous Health Care customers that vary from Social Care departments within Local Government to community nurses in Virgin Care.

Colin Reid, TotalMobile – CEO added, “Health continues to be a key growth sector for us and Blue Prism’s technology continues to be a key enabler for us to deliver fully automated mobile working solutions.”

In its first year, the partnership has proven a great success and promises an exciting future in transforming the Health Sector.


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