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We are delighted to be named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 12 framework.

G-Cloud is a framework where supplier cloud-based solutions are made available through a front-end Catalogue called the Digital Marketplace. G-Cloud framework is the place to be, for companies who are thinking about selling their cloud-based solutions to the UK government.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and due to the changing behaviours of how local councils and government institutions are now setting themselves up, we have added 3 new & exciting products to our portfolio including:

Protect – Protect is an alert and location-based technologies that enable organisations to ensure the safety of their employees and rapidly react to risks in the field.

Organise – Organise is a flexible, comprehensive solution that enables organisations to deal with complex rostering challenges and ensure the right people, with the appropriate skills are assigned to the required locations and shifts.

Remote Assist – Remote Assist is a video based diagnostic solution that enhances the standard of remote support services delivered to your customers, while reducing the number of unnecessary site visits.

We are available on Lot 2: Cloud Software (SaaS).


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