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Does your homecare workforce perform remote working visits such as domiciliary care or social care?  Perhaps your organisation is required to evidence proof of attendance and duration? Today NFC technology is gaining ground within the Health and Care market, one of the fastest growing markets for NFC representing a CAGR of 20.4%. Not only does the technology achieve efficiencies but it is also a more convenient way of monitoring employee attendance, as well as automating and streamlining processes. But how can NFC technology benefit those working in the homecare sector?


Advancements in monitoring care visits

Today with the advancements in technology and an increase in monitoring requirements in care organisations, businesses are now implementing NFC technology.  This format of electronic monitoring ensures information is accurately recorded and reported on efficiently, saving carers time to spend with more client’s or giving them extra capacity to spend on other responsibilities.


Previously, before the introduction of mobile technology, care workers would have had to log a call to a freephone number whilst on their visit from the client’s home. This was to confirm arrival and likely departure times and any arrangements for a follow up appointment as well as details on the client’s well-being. This would’ve caused various challenges such as client’s not having a landline phone to use or refusing the carer to use their phone. It was also difficult for care organisations to monitor an accurate level of service delivery on visits carried out. In addition to this, care workers would’ve needed to complete paperwork on their care visits detailing information regarding the client.

However nowadays with the introduction of NFC technology, care workers can use their mobile device to scan NFC tags. According to NFC Direct, in terms of the NFC market the healthcare sector is one of the most significant NFC adopters. According to research, it is said to be one of the reasons why the NFC market is predicted to reach a value of over £29 billion by the year 2025.

The NFC digital format allows for recording proof of attendance, start and finish times and reporting on any issues which occur during the visit. NFC technology introduces a range of benefits for both the patient and the care organisation. Firstly, employers will be able to identify potential attendance issues helping to reduce absenteeism, it also helps provide guaranteed proof of when your care staff have visited clients. Finally, it provides a full audit of what care was carried out for example what medication was administered, as well as helping employers with precise duration times enabling accurate costs incurred.


How do care organisations benefit from NFC technology?

NFC technology and the method of recording information in digital format has many benefits for care organisations providing community care, social work or domiciliary care.

  • An improvement in resource planning for your care employees and accurate evidence that care is being delivered according to plan. NFC Technology
  • Reduced time and costs in administration enabling care organisations to generate accurate invoices.
  • NFC technology also provides an extra level of security both for the mobile care worker and for the patient.
  • It also creates new ways of carrying out tasks, accessing information and connecting care workers and patients with that information.
  • Improves communications with each other between patients and the care organisation.
  • Tracks medication adherence and monitors patients’ well-being.

NFC can no doubt enhance homecare and offers a range of benefits both for the care worker, the organisation and the person being cared for.  As the industry continues to adopt to new technology advancements, we would expect NFC to play a major role in enhancing care by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving outcomes.


VeriPresent from Totalmobile

NFC technology proof of attendanceWith VeriPresent from Totalmobile, your workforce can use their mobile device to register start and finish times as well as report on any incidents which happen on the job. VeriPresent provides proof of attendance that care workers have attended the client’s home, carried out their duties in relation to the well-being of the client and followed up on any incidents which have occurred. The solution allows care workers to report on additional information such as difficulty accessing the client’s home and any incidents they wish to record concerning the client such as refused medication. For further information on VeriPresent, contact us here.

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