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Servelec, a provider of health, social care and education software has extended its strategic partnership with mobile workforce solution provider Totalmobile. The partnership will facilitate the mobilisation of Servelec’s 127-strong health and social care customer base by enabling them to access the clinical information they need on the move, via their mobile device.

The strategic partnership will see Servelec and Totalmobile develop a suite of applications for the health and social care workforce according to role, giving them instant access to critical information around an individual without having to return to base to access documents, or submit notes into a desktop PC. A range of solutions have already been created for the healthcare sector, linked to Servelec’s RiO Electronic Patient Record (EPR) product. Through research among their customer base, Servelec found that as much as an hour per nursing practitioner could be saved each day by enabling access to patient information and secondary consultations through a mobile app.

Mobile solutions for Servelec’s social care platform, Mosaic, are currently in development, including a solution that will enable social care workers to easily organise visits and update case management notes whilst on the move. It is currently estimated that social workers spend around 30% of their time in the office, which Servelec and Totalmobile hope to reduce to 10% through use of the app, meaning they can spend more time with clients.

Alan Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer at Servelec says: “At Servelec, we recognise that to better support practitioners in their roles, the nature of what customers require from our systems is changing. They often need to access our systems away from traditional care settings but may not require the full system to be at their fingertips. We’re working with our customers to define the needs of their frontline staff and to make sure our products work with them on their mobile journey.

“Totalmobile has a mature and established framework for developing mobile applications quickly and its team is very experienced in mobile working and mobilisation. The complementary knowledge and expertise of their team and ours, combined with excellent technology, means Totalmobile is very much a valued partner to Servelec.”

Jim Darragh, Chief Executive Officer of Totalmobile adds: “Providing healthcare professionals with the right mobile working solution empowers them to deliver the highest standard of care, while improving their own working lives and delivering a range of transformational benefits to the organisation. We regularly speak to customers who have improved the capacity of their workforce by over 20%, reducing the stress on their existing staff and ensuring the service user benefits as a result.

The strategic relationship with Servelec is very exciting as it brings two best in breed technologies together. Providing clinicians with easy access to patient information, along with the ability to efficiently complete clinical forms on a device, at the point of care, provides great benefits for everyone involved in the delivery of care. I’m confident that this is a relationship that will have an incredibly positive impact on the health and social care sector.”

The range of solutions will be available to all RiO and Mosaic users, enabling them to experience the benefits of mobile workforce efficiency. The social care mobile solutions for Mosaic will be available from January 2019. A demonstration of the social care applications will be on display at forthcoming User Groups. The new healthcare apps for RiO will be going live in 2018.



About Servelec HSC

Servelec HSC specialises in the design, development and deployment of:

  • Electronic Patient Record (EPR) for mental health, community and child health settings
  • Patient Administration System (PAS) and patient flow bed management solution for acute care
  • Fully integrated social care case management solution for Adults, Children’s and Finance on a single platform
  • Children’s Services Early Years and education management solution

Servelec is the market leader in the mental, child and community health sectors in England.

Servelec is already working with customers to share data across care settings, supporting the Government backed interoperability agenda and move towards integrated care.

About Totalmobile

Totalmobile is an award-winning mobile workforce solution provider that enables organisations to release the potential in their workforce. Its secure mobile software is used by a range of leading health and social care providers, local and central government and private sector organisations, to help them manage their workforce.

Totalmobile’s solutions provide users with the ability to access and record information where and when they need it, via a mobile device. This allows customers to experience an increase in workforce capacity and cost savings, while improving compliance with standards and service consistency.

Benefits Totalmobile customers experience include:

  • 20% cost savings
  • 33% more time spent productively
  • 50% increase in customer satisfaction

Learn more about our mobile workforce management solutions for health & social care.


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