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Totalmobile has launched a new capability within their product suite, that enables organisations to significantly enhance the remote assistance provided to their customers, via an augmented video solution. The new capability will enable organisations, such as housing and repairs providers, to reduce the volume of unnecessary visits, while also preventing the need for customers to call into a drop-in centre.

The adoption of this technology enables organisations to be certain that a call-out is essential before sending someone on site. It also enables them to fully evidence this decision process. This will help organisations increase first time fixes by 50%, remove 80% of inspection visits and enable 10% of issues to be resolved remotely. The combined impact of these benefits will drive a dramatic improvement in productivity and service levels.

This is imperative during the current COVID-19 pandemic, as reducing unnecessary visits enables organisations to minimise contact between staff and customers and potentially saving lives.

The solution creates a shared live video stream that can be viewed by both the technical support officer and the customer, while they are discussing potential solutions to an issue. The technical support officer can pause and annotate on the video, to highlight certain images and improve the support and guidance being provided. Ultimately, this support better enables the customer to resolve the issue themselves, without the need for a scheduled visit.

Totalmobile are speaking to a number of organisations about how they can utilise the Remote Assistance capability, to improve the safety of staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also expected that this innovative way of working will transform future service delivery, generating further efficiencies and improvements in customer satisfaction through the timelier resolution of work.

Nick Jeffrey, MD – Housing, Property and FM, Totalmobile added, “Organisations are currently looking at how they can adopt innovations to help increase the health and safety of their workforce and customers, while also maintaining a high quality of service. By resolving more issues remotely, this reduces the amount of face to face contact, which is vital at this time. It also means that visits are only scheduled if absolutely necessary, providing the organisation with the ability to evidence the decision making process, should this information be required at a later date.”

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