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Dedicated unit created to help the Utilities and Infrastructure sectors address specific challenges including changing compliance regulations and shrinking margins.


Totalmobile, a leading Field Service Management Software (FSM) company, today introduced Gerard O’Keeffe as Managing Director of Utilities and Infrastructure business. O’Keeffe brings to the role over 30 years of experience in the utilities industry, working with companies such as Nortel, Aer Lingus and GeoPal. 

In his new position, O’Keeffe will coordinate the services of one of Totalmobile’s core sectors, Utilities and Infrastructure. He will oversee the establishment of the business unit and ensure customers are provided with the highest quality of service. 

By appointing O’Keeffe to MD of Utilities and Infrastructure business, Totalmobile will be able to dedicate a higher level of focus to the challenges and opportunities the sector is facing, allowing for the provision of better, more efficient services and products. This will ultimately enable Totalmobile’s customers to offer more streamlined services and improved customer service for their own end-users. 

O’Keeffe comes from a strong background in the utilities and infrastructure sector, serving as CEO of Stentor plc, which specialises in providing telecoms services to call centre operations for companies such as MBNA, GE Capital, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts. He also oversaw network operations, customer engineering, and applications development at Nevada as their Operations Director. Immediately prior to joining Totalmobile, O’Keeffe acted as founder and CEO of GeoPal Solutions, a leading provider of enterprise mobility software for companies that need to manage a field based workforce.

This announcement marks the third appointment in a series of reshuffles at Totalmobile. Speaking on this, Totalmobile CEO, Jim Darragh explained, “as a company Totalmobile has reached the point where we have the facilities to be able to allocate more time and resources to our major sectors. By dedicating a greater level of focus to these industries we will be able to gain more vertically differentiated knowledge, as opposed to generic capabilities, and better tackle the issues faced by our customers and their end-users. By developing new strategies centred around the unique nature of each of our key markets, we are better placed to provide more tailored services to meet our customers’ needs”. 

“I am thrilled to be taking on this new role at Totalmobile”, O’Keeffe said of his new position. “The foundation of my career has always been based in the utilities and infrastructure industry and I am excited to be able to apply my knowledge and expertise to this new challenge. I started as a telecoms engineer and worked my way up to CEO, so I know these sectors from the bottom up and am very familiar with the pain points and key problems that need to be solved. In this new role, I hope to address the major challenges, including those surrounding labour productivity management, construction project profitability and health & safety compliance”.


Totalmobile is a Field Service Management (FSM) provider passionate about making work and the lives of mobile workers better. An established market leader with 375 staff across the UK and Ireland, Totalmobile supports over 1,000 organisations and 500,000 workers to transform the delivery of field services and experience an exceptional return on investment.