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Gateshead Council have worked with TotalMobile Ltd (formerly Consilium Technologies) since 2000 and use the TotalRepairs solution to generate jobs for their Local Environment Services team (LES). These jobs include public works on Council buildings such as repairs and gas servicing as well as the inspection and maintenance of highways.

Gateshead have experienced great success using TotalMobile’s Solutions and have now completed their 1,000,000th job using the system. In 2009 the Council procured the TotalMobile App Platform for 55 operatives to replace paperwork and improve efficiency.

To mark the occasion, TotalMobile will be making a donation to a charity chosen by the team member who raised the order and the team who completed the job. The 1,000,000th job raised was a blocked drain; the job was completed by Steve Beggs and Tony Swailes on 18th March. The team selected the Killingworth Rockets to receive the donation. Killingworth is a local football club with 15 teams with players from the ages of 6-21 years old. The club is run by volunteers and relies on sponsorship and fundraising. The club will receive a donation £100 from TotalMobile.

Highways and Purchasing manger at Gateshead Council, Chris Tearney, made the following statement;

“I have worked with TotalMobile since Gateshead set out on the route to replacing our works order management system in 2000, we went live in 2001. Having looked at various systems we took the leap of faith to go with the only true windows system around at the time, although we knew that it was still in development. It seems only yesterday that I first worked with the likes of the young Gareth Tolerton and John Mills, we worked together in the development of a web browser solution for a customer/client interface and a mobile working solution. These systems are taken for granted throughout the industry now but without that early effort in development we would not be where we are today. I was Building Maintenance Manager for about 10 years. In those days we had about 30,000 properties and received on average 600 orders per day, that’s over 150,000 per year. As an operational manager I could see where my workload was in real time and was able to deploy labour between my 6 area depots as their needs changed. I could not have done my job without Total Works Order Management.

It is incredible that we have now raised over 1 million works orders. Our Total Works Order Management system is now used by our Building Maintenance, Highways, Security and Facilities Management sections. All of our clients have access to raise works orders via the web browser or through interfaces with their own Asset Management systems. We have recently resurrected our Mobile Working solution for cyclical maintenance and are extending it to our Highways operations. We are looking forward to upgrading to TotalMobile 5, I have tested it on my iPad and find it very user friendly and easy to use.”

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