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Fife Health and Social Care Partnership has boosted its capacity to deliver services to users by over 30 percent in the past year through the adoption of mobile working solutions provided by Totalmobile.

As the third largest health and social care partnership in Scotland, Fife has introduced technology from Totalmobile to some 900 of its home care workers across the council area. This includes mobile workforce management and dynamic scheduling solutions.

These enable greater efficiency in the scheduling of visits and for carers to see their daily rota on their chosen mobile device out in the field, while also responding in real time to changes or cancellations.

Workers can also capture and submit information on their mobile devices when with clients, therefore reducing the need to return to the office to fill in forms.

Fife Health and Social Care Partnership, working together with colleagues in Fife Council’s Business Technology Solutions, increased capacity by 30% so teams now deliver more than 22,000 visits per week.

In addition, where there are last minute changes in a service users care needs or cancellations due to illness or family circumstances, the teams can respond and flex their working shifts in real time without any impact on the wider service user group.  This is improving the care experience of the public and that of the staff directly.

This use of this cutting edge technology recently gained recognition at the Fife Business Awards Ceremony, where the Care At Home team won the ‘Success Through Innovation’ Award category.


Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile, says: “Fife set out with a clear objective of transforming care at home through the effective use of mobile technology. We are very pleased to work with them, and they are experiencing significant benefits as a result.”

Charlie Anderson, Head of ICT, Fife Council added: “It’s fantastic to see a solution which so directly improves our service delivery and supports our staff delivering highly-valued care services throughout Fife. The Totalmobile solution is a great example of how technology can be applied innovatively to meet the challenges Councils and partners face in delivering better public services in 2018.”

Jamie Robb, Mobile and Systems Integration Manager at Fife Health and Social Care Partnership said: “The main benefits the organisation gets from using the solution are a reduction in travel time, an increase in capacity and the ability to do more with the staff we have. That has allowed 33 percent capacity gains. We therefore effectively give back a day-and-a-half to every care worker per week, allowing them to do more in the same time for the benefit of service users.”

David Heaney, Divisional General Manager (East) with Fife’s Partnership said: “I am delighted and extremely proud of everyone involved in bringing Totalmobile to Care At Home in Fife. The Health and Social Care Partnership has worked alongside Fife Council’s Business Technology Solutions and Totalmobile, who provide the technical platform.  The knowledge, experience and creativity of staff has been key to developing this unique solution and recently winning the Fife Business Award for Success Through Innovation is a testament to everyone’s hard work and resilience.  Everyone involved should be very proud of what they have achieved.”

Totalmobile’s clients include some of the largest councils and health trusts in the UK, as well as many major businesses. Its partners include the likes of BT, Vodafone and ATOS.




For more information, contact:
Chris Harrison, JComms: +44 28 9521 8381 or


About Totalmobile
Totalmobile is an award-winning workforce enablement solution provider, with a 30-year pedigree. Its secure mobile software is used by a range of leading health and social care providers, local and central governments across the country, as well as a range of companies across the private sector, to help them manage their workforce.


Some of the average benefits our customers see, include:

  • 20% cost savings
  • 33% more time spent productively
  • 50% increase in customer satisfaction


Totalmobile helps release the potential of your mobile workforce through increasing capacity, reducing costs, ensuring compliance and enabling a high, consistent quality of service. It gives employees access to all the information they need, anywhere they need it. This results in increased staff morale and service quality whilst reducing unnecessary paperwork, travel and costs. Totalmobile develops solutions with frontline workers for frontline workers making it intuitive and extremely easy to use.


About Fife Health and Social Care Partnership

April 2016 triggered one of the biggest transformations of health and social care services in Scotland. The national drive is to have health and social care services delivered jointly, locally and as effectively as possible. Across Scotland Partnerships have been set up to meet this aim and to support people to live healthy, independent lives.

Fife is one of the largest Health and Social Care Partnerships in Scotland, with around 5,000 staff and a joint budget of around £470 million.

In Fife, a vast range of services from NHS Fife and Fife Council’s Social Work Services have transferred over to Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership. They include:

  • all adult and older people Social Work Services
  • community health services e.g. district nursing, physiotherapy and mental health services
  • children’s community health services e.g. health visiting
  • housing services which provide support services to vulnerable adults and disability adaptations; and
  • the planning of some services provided in hospital e.g. medical care of the elderly.
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