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Global leader in vehicle hire to implement Task solution to improve damage reporting for better customer service and crucial compliance needs

Totalmobile, the UK leader in Field Service Management software solutions, today announced it has been selected by Europcar Mobility Group UK, a global leader in car and van hire, to roll out a customised mobile application across the UK to give  customers confidence in damage reporting. The new solution enables employees to record the condition of vehicles with digital images at the point of handover to and from the customer, which can then be shared in the case of a new damage claim or in response to a query, providing a higher level of detail to assist in these processes.

Supporting both leisure and business drivers, Europcar’s mobile workforce – known as service agents – examine every vehicle before and after use for any damage, which is then reported to the customer. For business customers in particular, it’s crucial that these records are accurate and are shared as quickly as possible.

The mobile solution from Totalmobile, Task, provides organisations with a toolkit that can be configured for sophisticated field service management solutions to meet any business needs. It is rolling out to over 1,000 Europcar service agents and hub users across nearly 100 different locations in the UK by mid November 2020.

Using this software, processes can be automated so that employees can deliver faster and better customer service. Task provides service agents with a simple mobile app that enables them to take photos of any damage on the vehicle they’re inspecting and annotate the images for increased clarity. Once complete, the annotated images can be sent directly to the customer in the event of a new damage claim or query, providing greater detail and accuracy on the exact condition of the vehicle.

“Being able to provide full visibility and transparency of a vehicle’s condition in the event of a new damage claim or query is crucial,” explained Kevin Rand, Operations Director at Europcar Mobility Group UK. “The new Totalmobile app ensures that all of the evidence required is recorded and able to be shared with customers whenever necessary. This not only helps our staff on the ground, providing a more accurate method of recording vehicle damage, but also delivers a better service for our customers. If a damage claim or query is raised, the detailed images of the vehicle in question are readily available and can be shared directly with the customer.

“We were keen to get a solution up and running as quickly as possible, and that was one of the immediate benefits of Totalmobile. We could implement their application by mid November.”

Customer experience and loyalty is vital for Europcar to maintain strong relationships with all of its customers, from individuals renting a car for just one or two days, to the largest business customers that rent vehicles on a regular basis. The contract with Totalmobile is, therefore, designed to enhance this experience as well as ensure that a complete audit trail is produced for accurate documentation.

“Europcar is a great example of where simple technology can make a huge difference to the customer experience,” said Bobby Bahia, Commercial Director for Transport & Infrastructure at Totalmobile. “When it comes to damage to vehicles, accuracy and transparency are both crucial for Europcar to ensure that its customers can see exactly what is being discussed. The images that our app enables service agents to take and annotate provide full visibility in this process, and make claims much easier as the damage in question is clearly recorded.”



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