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Totalmobile and Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue have been working closely to implement a ground-breaking mobile working solution that will transform how emergency services conduct emergency services reports and inspections at the scene of an incident.

The Task Solution from Totalmobile, FireReport, is part of a range of mobile working solutions developed to address key frustrations for mobile workers. FireReport enables emergency staff and fire officers to complete essential forms and capture important information at the scene of the emergency, without the need to return to the office.

The main requirements faced by Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue focused around the need for a user friendly mobile solution that could be used in a diverse range of situations and environments. It needed to fully and easily integrate into additional back-end systems and their wider mobilisation to ensure data flow to the Home Office was efficient and secure. It also needed to be easy to use as emergency staff must focus on the task at hand, whilst ensuring the accurate capture of critical data relating to the incident.

Totalmobile’s FireReport provides a complete solution to their needs, the application is simple to use and with configurable forms, emergency staff have access to a workflow that mirrors their own actions at an incident. Completing forms and capturing essential information is made easy through the familiar application design. By providing greater accuracy in data, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue are able to demonstrate to the public how effective their operational response is with even greater transparency.


Jim Darragh, CEO, Totalmobile: “We are delighted to be working alongside Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue and to see the successful implementation of our task solution, FireReport. It was great to work alongside an organisation who not only want to give their emergency staff the tools they need to capture detailed information at the scene but also enable greater transparency for the public.”


Mick Osborne, Chief Operating Officer, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a customer focussed and open minded team that are only too happy to be flexible and adapt their approach in order to meet our specific needs; a really refreshing experience that can only benefit the service we provide and help to improve the safety of the communities that we serve and protect.”

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