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As of 1st May 2013, Consilium Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce it will change its name to TotalMobile Ltd. This represents an exciting new era for the business which started in Belfast as TASK Software in 1985 and became Consilium Technologies in 2001. The company recently moved to new offices in Belfast’s Clarendon Dock to accommodate the growing workforce and to support the other operations in the UK and North America.

TotalMobile CEO Colin Reid said “The world is going mobile and at a very rapid pace. Mobile working no longer applies just to staff that spend nearly all of their time out in the field. Rather, it is increasingly becoming a way of life for everyone. Today’s devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, allow you to work very effectively on the move. Our change of name very much reflects this new reality.

Mobility is the experience that brings technology, design and functionality together. It’s the most efficient and productive way to defeat work.  That is what we have based our major developments on over the past decade, including £millions of research and development invested in the TotalMobile™ product. We are delighted to be able to mark this commitment with a new company name; this represents the next exciting stage in our development and it promises to be the most successful yet.

Although our name and logo are changing, everything else will remain the same, particularly our people, our commitment to our existing products, TotalFinance and TotalRepairs and their future development and, above all, our focus on meeting our customer’s needs. “

The office address and telephone contact details will remain the same. The new company website can be found at, the previous website will no longer be in use from 1st May 2013.

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