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Technology-enabled property and facilities management services company Bellrock is rolling out a new mobile app to track the health and wellbeing of its remote workforce during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Bellrock has partnered with field service management software specialist Totalmobile to deploy its Employee Wellbeing solution for 150 engineers that are providing vital maintenance services to public sector customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The system enables Bellrock’s remote workers to use their mobile devices to provide regular updates on their mental and physical health.

This includes recording their mood, if they are displaying any coronavirus symptoms and if they have been required to self-isolate and are unavailable to work.

Information captured in the field is automatically relayed to Bellrock’s [HR and operations teams] in real-time who can monitor app use and actions, make timely interventions and track key metrics using analytics tools.

The app also provides remote workers with immediate access to approved guidance documents, contacts and support networks.

Following the initial successful deployment to engineers, Bellrock plans to roll the solution out to a further 950 employees by the end of June.

David Smith, CEO of Bellrock, said: “It’s essential to do everything we can to support all employees, particularly those on the front line delivering essential maintenance services to the public sector during this crisis.

“Totalmobile’s Employee Wellbeing app gives our workforce a quick and easy way to communicate how they are feeling and access to important resources.

“The ability to efficiently monitor and track how hundreds of workers are feeling supports our duty of care and the powerful insights the app generates will help us continually improve the support we provide.

“It’s impressive that Totalmobile were able to implement the solution in just three days and its configurability means we can adapt it as the COVID-19 situation evolves.”

Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile, said: “This crisis is creating potential wellbeing issues for all employees, none more so than frontline remote workers.

“Our Employee Wellbeing app enables organisations to overcome the key challenge of how to maintain visibility over physical and mental health within large, dispersed workforces.

“We’re proud to have been able to develop and deploy this technology in such a short space of time and that it’s gaining traction both with private sector industry leaders like Bellrock and forward thinking public sector organisations across health and social care and local authorities.”