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Introducing VeriPresent, a proof of attendance mobile solution from Totalmobile. With VeriPresent, your workforce can use their mobile phone to register start and finish times by simply scanning NFC tags at the beginning and end of every shift as well as report on any incidents which happen on the job. In addition, service providers and customers both have full visibility and access to a full audit of the remote workers time spent per job. Applicable to both the Facilities Management and Homecare industry, VeriPresent enables your workforce to prove their attendance and time spent on site.


During this webcast you will;

  • Learn more on NFC technology and how it is used for proof of attendance
  • Develop an understanding of how NFC tags are used within the Homecare and Facilities Management industries
  • Identify how VeriPresent can benefit your business


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How do you know if your workforce has attended and completed the job they’re supposed to be doing? Are you confident your homecare workers are providing continuity of care? Do you know if your cleaning staff have attended their job for full duration? Download our range of ‘Veri’ brochures to discover how the solution can benefit your organisation, or visit our VeriPresent product pages, VeriPresent, VeriPresent in Facilities Management and VeriPresent in Homecare. 



NFC technology in facilities management

VeriPresent in facilities management Brochure

VeriPresent brochure

VeriPresent Brochure