Lone Worker Devices

Lone Worker Devices that meet the need of your mobile workforce

With a growing trend towards mobile working and an ever-increasing number of staff working alone across multiple environments, organisations have an enhanced duty of care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their staff. In board rooms across the UK and particularly those of field service based organisations, the proactive steps that can be taken to ensure lone worker protection is regularly a key item on the agenda. The desire to be an ethical and responsible employer is certainly a driver behind this, but increasing legislation and potential fines means that should an incident occur and an employer has not taken the appropriate steps to prevent it, organisations can find themselves in significant trouble.

Over the last number of years, one way in which organisations have looked to tackle this issue is to implement a lone worker solution, which tends to include the provision of a lone worker device to each member of staff. But as technology advances and more devices and apps enter the market, each with their own subtle functionalities, it is important that organisations understand what devices are best suited to their employee’s needs in order to ensure lone worker safety.

Some of the most commonly issued personal safety devices include:


  • The SOS fob is unarguably the most commonly deployed lone worker device and provides users with a BS8484:2016 Gold Certified personal safety device. Discrete, lightweight and durable the Fob can be worn by the employee via a lanyard or clip to ensure easy access when required, Utilising GPS and GSM technologies the SOS Fob enables organisations to locate lone workers, while also enabling staff to speak directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), if they find themselves in danger.


ID Badge

  • Particularly suitable for any role where some form of identification is required, such as a health or social worker, the ID badge doubles as a lone worker protection device. Light and comfortable to wear, the ID badge provides a range of support options including and SOS key and ripcord alarm to ensure peace of mind.


Lone Worker App

  • Lone worker apps provide remote staff with the opportunity to use their standard mobile device as a lone worker safety device. Via a simple push of a button on their mobile phone, staff can immediately raise alarms and request support. Read more on lone workers apps here.

SOS Button

  • The smallest and most simple of lone worker devices, the SOS button can be worn by a member of staff to alert others via a quick click of a button. The SOS button can be attached to a lanyard, clip or wristband to ensure it is easily accessible.


Specialist Devices

  • there are a vast range of specialist lone worker devices on the market to ensure that your staff are provided with the safety device which most suits their needs. Whether they require to be ruggedized, satellite based, or intrinsically safe to reduce risk in specific hazardous atmospheric environments, there will be a device suitable to meet the requirements of how people work.

Linking all staff back to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that can then provide access to emergency services when required, all above lone worker devices can help ensure the safety and wellbeing of your lone workers.

To discuss the needs of your mobile workforce and how your organisations can benefits from Protect, Totalmobile’s lone worker protection solution, please contact us.