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Unlock the Potential for Your Staff and Your Community

Secure systems, lean processes with community at the core.

With over 30 years’ experience in the Local Government sector, we understand the challenges you face to deliver a leaner, better service to your citizens on ever reducing budgets. Our secure solutions will help you to better manage your mobile workforces, improve staff morale and retention, all whilst lowering your costs. The results? A better service to those in your community.

Connect Departments and Systems

We know how difficult it can be to keep track of your mobile workers in the myriad of departments across a local Council.  Whether it’s Social Care, Housing, Environmental Services or anything else, let Totalmobile be the glue.  We can connect to any back-end system and ensure that all mobile workers are working from a single, secure solution.

One Hour Back

Totalmobile can release the potential in your mobile workforce by giving each worker back at least one hour every day, simply by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and travel.  No more driving back to the office to write up notes; our mobile workforce management app captures all data and sync instantly and securely to the back-office system.  Workers save time, you save money.

The Right Information. For the Right Person.

Your workers provide key services, so making sure they have the most up to date information is crucial, at the right time. Analyse unlocks the capability to capture and utilise every minute detail. Providing reports for individuals, as well as enabling high level transformation insights. Our instant sync with back-office systems ensures the information is kept up-to-date with information flowing both ways, providing your staff with the right information, every time. 


Discover how Totalmobile works with your mobile housing teams to give them more time to do jobs right the first time. With our intuitive solutions, staff feel empowered and with their device in hand are able to excel.



By giving your environmental teams the tools they need to do their job, they are able to concentrate on what matters most – protecting our environment. Unlock the potential in your mobile workforce with Totalmobile.



Enable and equip your regulatory mobile workers with everything they need to do their job. Dynamic forms make compliance simpler, allowing them to do more of the work that matters.


Social Care

Enable your social care mobile staff with intuitive solutions that works with them. Give them a full view of their service users health and wellbeing and empower them to make informed decisions at the point of service delivery.


10 Steps to Mobile Workforce Management - Local Government Edition

Learn from customers who have already released the potential of their mobile workforces. Start your journey here.

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Key Features of our Solution

In an ever more challenging environment, local governments are faced with reducing budgets and larger workloads. Our features enable mobile staff to gain time, improve processes and get more work done.

  • Forms

    Our beautiful forms can be easily configured to suit any work situation, whether for Social Care or Building Services. Our forms reduce data entry time by up to 60% and allow your staff to complete more tasks all in line with compliance.

  • Offline

    When your teams work in remote locations, connectivity can become a real issue and impede getting the job done. With our solutions, there’s no need to worry. Our offline functionality allows sign-in, data capture and validation, all the functions of the online service. Plus, the data is kept secure until connectivity is restored and then seamlessly syncs to the back-office system.

  • Native application

    No matter what device your teams use, we’ve got it covered. Our app is available on iOS, Android and Windows and is native to each platform. Every action you take has been carefully designed with the user in mind, making work even easier. No need to jump between apps to take pictures, access GPS or plan a route, we put it all at your fingertips.

    Native application
  • AI

    Managing a large mobile working division, with individual skills, takes up a lot of time trying to pair each worker to a skilled job manually, time that could be utilised elsewhere. With Optimise, you can relax in the knowledge that our advanced scheduling engine, Mendel, automatically allocates work to the most suitable resource using Mendel’s genetic algorithms. Just set the rules and we do the rest.

  • Analyse

    Your field teams generate large amounts of data and it’s all valuable. Our analytics solution captures this data and presents it to you in easy to read, interactive dashboards, allowing you to detect trends early and make more informed business decisions.


Customer Success Stories


For City of York they have seen jobs completed 35% quicker and 36% more jobs being done than previous, but it’s not only about getting jobs done, we have given them tools that their staff love to use. View their story and learn how you can implement change.

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