Cloud Based Job Management

A modern, integrated, cloud-based solution

Providing a seamless, intuitive job management experience all from one single application

Our job management solution utilises all the benefits of the Cloud to provide a SaaS solution that is scalable and provides new ways of working for field service staff. With the ability to track jobs at the point of service, manage assets and record material orders in real time, this visibility allows staff to focus on what needs to be done, driving effective service delivery and eliminating issues and escalations.

Deliver significant cost savings

Job management involves managing multiple processes that, if inefficient, can cause mounting costs.  Our complete solution ensures the allocation of jobs to the right field worker enabling jobs to be completed on time, first time. Additionally, the solution enables businesses to accurately invoice and assess how much is being spent on stock, assets and materials. This enables greater visibility and control over financial processes and ultimately helps deliver significant cost savings.

cloud based job management

Maximise staff time

With improved processes, our Job Management capability helps ensure that the right staff are working on the right jobs at the right time, maximising their capacity. Our real time management dashboards allow clear visibility of work, resources and materials, ensuring jobs are allocated quickly and effectively. More capacity means more jobs completed. But it’s not only job allocation that can be improved, with automated features like self-service appointments and service ratings, time spent on administration is minimalised saving additional time and capacity throughout the day.

job management staff time

Meet compliance regulations

Manual job allocation and monitoring field service teams as well as materials and asset management can result in a lack of transparency over processes and whether compliance is being met.  Using an automated job management system ensures that work flows are being followed with status updates, reminders and feedback forms. These provide clarity to front line staff and helps reduce errors or forgotten tasks. Our solution offers full visibility of service delivery from job allocation, materials and assets management to invoicing, this transparency ensures information is evident to meet compliance regulations.

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City of York Council

“It feels like we’re getting to where we want to be and Totalmobile is getting us there. We’re actually doing 36% more visits than we were doing prior to mobile.”

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Key features of our solution

Job Management Key Features

Appointment booking/Job allocation

Work can be booked directly to external contractors or internal teams as well as booking multiple resources or a specific resource to attend the appointment. Customers also have the flexibility to re-arrange appointments themselves through the customer portal ensuring a high level of customer service. Job allocation allows planners to have visibility of all aspects of their field service teams.

SaaS and Cloud

Unlike traditional systems, SaaS means your software runs on an enterprise scale hardware infrastructure with redundancy and scalability built in at every level. Our cloud-based solution updates and improves all the time, never worry about upgrades again, everything is looked after by our team of experts, while your organisation can enjoy a seamless integrated experience.

Management dashboards

The interactive dashboards are monitored both in and out of the office so that issues are actioned immediately. Information is updated in real time with visible colour coded widgets highlighted in red if anything needs attention. Powerful, real time information leads to accurate management of your field teams and businesses financial processes.

Customer engagement

Customers can use the self-service appointment feature to re-arrange appointments and complete feedback surveys, providing them with more visibility and improving communications.  Fully configurable messaging is available via email and SMS for confirmation, multiple reminders, enroute and completion.

Material and Asset Management

Our Job Management platform offers a full internal stores solution, with live account mirror integrations with all the major merchants. With detailed stock movement analysis, daily cycle count option for van and unreceived material orders flagged on the diary as well as visibility of assets, this real-time information allows you to be fully in control of your material levels, reducing delays in service delivery and managing costs effectively.


Customer Success Stories


For the Highland Council, the key benefit is productivity. This has significantly improved since adopting mobile working, stats suggest that they are completing 20% more appointments now than they did prior to mobile. Are you ready to make the change?

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