IoT Enabled Job Creation

Increase visibility and improve response times

An IoT offering that underpins the next generation of field service management

Utilise IoT technologies including connected sensors and rules engines, that enable the creation of work to be automated and assigned without the need for human intervention.

The solution maximises the potential of sensors that monitor equipment, environment and events gathering and passing data to our IoT cloud management platform. This information is then analysed, with rules engines and AI used to determine if actions such as the creation of an item of work is required.

Improve field staff productivity

Our IoT solution enables condition-based service delivery and automatic job allocation by setting certain conditions in sensors and triggering a response task. It eliminates manual processes and the undertaking of unnecessary tasks reduces time. With this additional time saved, more jobs can be completed, and more time can be spent on productive tasks. Ensuring staff are deployed to the required job at the right time maximises the efficiency of the workforce.

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Deliver significant cost savings

IoT presents the opportunity for organisation’s to be more proactive rather than reactive. Equipment, environments and events can be monitored continually and once a particular action occurs, an item of work can be automatically created and assigned. This proactive approach means that issues can be identified in advance, reducing the risk of more serious instances, saving time and money in the long run.

iot cost savings

Improving the visibility

IoT ensures that organisations are fully aware of the current situation within their working environments. Data is recorded and monitored on a continuous basis and to a consistent standard, automatically reducing error. Historical information is also available from sensors which enables a clearer picture of issues, the steps taken to resolve them and ultimately help to deliver services efficiently.

iot improved visibility

How IoT and Mobile Workforce Management Can Transform Your Organisation

In this eBook, we will explore how IoT can be utilised to better manage workforce efficiency, as well as exploring the IoT foundations in place within TBS’s connected mobile solutions.

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Key Features of our Solution

Our IoT capability includes a range of intuitive features

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Data interpretation

Events are analysed and fed back into the rules engine and report module to drive tasks, alerts and notifications.

IoT automation

Prevents human error, delivering a more consistent and accurate means of data capture and therefore aiding compliance in service delivery.

Delivering powerful insights

Interprets information received from wirelessly connected sensors and translates alerts into automatic actions, visible via real time dashboards.

Cloud based

The solution is delivered as a fully managed SaaS/PaaS service in a cloud environment ensuring a secure, scalable and reliable service.


The ability to deploy a variety of sensors which provides organisations with the opportunity to monitor a diverse range of potential occurrences.

Customer Success Stories


Using the application, Allianz’s average daily inspection units increased in 2017 to 26.86 from 25.58 – this equates to approximately 400 extra inspection units being completed per day.

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