Digital Workforce Management for Community Healthcare

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increase in time spent with patients each day


increase in completed care plan evidence


reduction in data entry time


increase in staff satisfaction

Give your nurses everything they need to deliver the highest standards of care throughout the community. Simple care visit logging eliminates complex and cumbersome paperwork. And clinical decisions are better supported with up-to-date patient records – always available at the point of service delivery. Our solution also offers true offline working – a must in those areas of poor or zero connectivity.

No more trips back to the office to complete admin and more time to focus on quality care. And that means happier staff, more satisfied patients and reduced clinical risk. Combine the mobile app with adaptive schedule optimisation and your teams will enjoy a better organised, more efficient working day. You can choose your scheduling priorities too – based on location, skillsets, continuity of care and more.


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Virgin Care made a significant investment in a new mobile healthcare solution to tackle the issues they were facing. …

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Customer Success Stories

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I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved. I have no doubt that this will change the way community services are delivered, more importantly providing a better patient experience. I believe the opportunities are endless.