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Care @ Home

Care at Home services are critical to support adults and the elderly in their own homes to ensure they remain safe and keep their independence. Services include assisting with medication, preparing meals or bathing or dressing service users. Currently, care staff have difficulty accessing support plans within their current back-office systems. This disconnects leads to lack of visibility of service users’ information and lack of ability to share knowledge and use this knowledge to deliver care.

However, you can enable your social care workers to process all information recorded, using mobile workforce management and scheduling capabilities to action this information and allowing visits to be scheduled and delivered more efficiently. This enables staff with the ability to access records, update records and have full visibility of care plans via one system while delivering quality care and support services.

Features of the solution:
  • Features of the solution:
    • Efficiently access service users’ care plans with information automatically updated and visible in back-office systems.
    • Effectively allocate work through our scheduling capability, optimising routes, resources, adapting to the schedule as the day unfolds whilst delivering continuity of care.
    • Mobilise your workforce equipping care workers with everything they need at the point of care via a mobile device. Access service user details and utilise intuitive forms to capture information.
    • Enhance communication with service users through notifications of service delivery status updates.
    • Visibility of real time information and dashboards providing informative insights in order to react appropriately.


    Business Outcomes:

    Helps deliver a safer more compliant service

    • Remove paper-based processes to ensure compliance with current GDPR regulations and accurately record service users’ information securely.
    • Ensure carers safety by providing warnings or risks to be aware of prior to the visit.
    • Enables full visibility of real time updates of your care workforce as the day evolves, allowing you to react appropriately.
    • Ensure the right amount of staff are delivering care to safeguard both service users and carers.

    Deliver a quality, improved customer experience

    • Efficiently carry out care plans with access and visibility to the required information to hand while managing continuity issues. Care workers can spend more face to face time with service users delivering a high standard of service.
    • Ensure service users’ preferences are considered such as requesting a specific care worker which enables trust and a familiar rapport.
    • Improve communication with the service user to keep them informed of the care workers status updates, for example if a care worker is running late.

    Generating greater capacity within your workforce

    • Optimise existing workforce capacity; while real time information allows managers to be reactive to urgent calls or emergencies effectively, scheduling staff appropriately and using the real time insights to deliver improved processes.
    • Optimise care workers allowing more time to be dedicated to service delivery by reducing travel and manual processes such as duplicate data entry.
    • Monitor the current capacity of the service before accepting additional service users ensuring effective delivery of staff capacity.

    Reduce operational costs throughout your organisation

    • Improve cost efficiencies through resource optimisation, enabling care organisations to do more with less resources.
    • Reduce mileage claim costs with the ability to optimise routes.
    • Ensure accuracy of billing by only paying for the care delivered.
    • Reduce costs associated with paper-based printing costs.