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Committed to Continued Innovation

We take innovation very seriously at Totalmobile. This means we are continually looking at ways in which we can enhance our solutions to enable our customers to experience greater benefits.

You are already familiar with many of the solutions we provide and how they help improve the way that you work. The launch of the WorkNow platform marks a range of new features to each of its user applications.

View below to learn more about Mobilise, Analyse and Optimise and the improvements that have been made to maximise the benefits provided.



Analyse is the business intelligence, analytics and data warehouse component of WorkNow, designed to turn business data generated by your field based employees into actionable intelligence.

Analyse dashboards, data visualisations and reports enables supervisors, executives and employees to visualise their current field and SLA performance, discover where time is being lost, identify where efficiencies can be gained and drive continuous improvement.
Learn more about Analyse and its latest features


Mobilise is the enterprise mobility solution of WorkNow, designed to empower mobile workers by providing them with everything they need to get the job, within a single easy to use and secure app.

Mobilise gives workers access to the information they need, when they need it. It also enables them to fill in forms, take photos and capture signatures right at the point of service delivery, removing the need to go back to base to update record systems.

Learn more about Mobilise and its latest features


Optimise is the AI-empowered adaptive workforce scheduling tool of WorkNow, designed to efficiently allocate resources against planned or unpredictable work demands.

It allows employers to allocate work, review travel routes, record unavailability and reallocate work accordingly. It automatically adapts to travel disruptions, multi-skilled worker requirements and others changes in the working environment to create a schedule that works in the real world.

At the heart of Optimise is Mendel, an artificial intelligence (AI) engine that enables organisations to solve even the most complex of scheduling challenges.

Learn more about Optimise and its latest features


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