Commercial Property Maintenance Software

What is Commercial Property Maintenance Software?

Commercial property management software helps provide a number of different financial and administrative tools which are needed to maintain any commercial properties.

Such examples of properties which are managed with a commercial property management software would include office spaces, retail stores, hotels, malls, student housing, housing associations and council buildings.

Using a mobile technology solution, such as commercial property management software, will enable your organisation to have complete visibility of your organisation via customised dashboards, allow you to make data driven decisions, help improve and maintain compliance levels, reduce all paper-based processes and met all your auditing requirements .

What value does commercial property maintenance software provide your organisations?

Furthermore, by implementing a Commercial property management software it will enable a cost efficient service that gets jobs completed first time.

Having a job management solution to increase repairs and maintenance productivity and ultimately increasing turnover by more jobs being completed each and every day.

By implementing key enabling technologies such as job management, it will help manage work more efficiently and effectively delivering a faster and better customer service.

Benefits include:

  • Complete visibility of your workforce and work orders allowing you to efficiently manage the complete of work in the most efficient way
  • Customised and easily to create dashboard and reports to help drive data decision
  • Complete accuracy by reducing the potential for human error with clear define process and checklists on work order
  • Streamlined processes allowing field workers to submit work in a single platform on a mobile devices, centralising all systems with one unified solution
  • Enabling staff with real time access to information and providing them with up to date information at all times
  • Reducing administration work and removing paper base processes which are highly time consuming
Connect from Totalmobile:


Whether it is having control over job management, staying compliant, managing your workforce or allocating jobs our innovative, sophisticated field service management solutions can be configured to your exact business requirements.


Connect from Totalmobile provides organisations with a cloud based job management solution.

A modern, cloud based and intuitive job management solution that provides users with the visibility and ability to control complex tasks, enabling the streamlined delivery of work.


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