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The definition of user experience (UX) is simply everything the end user interacts with and whether it meets their needs without confusion and with clarity.

So, why the need to focus on user experience, is it really still important? In short, yes. As competition continues to grow in digital industries, user experience is becoming the differentiator that makes all the difference to customers and users, when once it was all about price. Look at Uber as an example, it is a simple offering – a taxi ride – but it is its user experience that makes people choose them. The app is easy to use, offers location based services, self-service, easy payment and security.

It highlights a growing trend in the need and desire for self-service facilities, people want to be able to solve their own queries and meet their own needs themselves – paying their bills online for example. So, for businesses, this translates into making processes and services as easy as possible for your staff.


Why Is There a Need for Good User Experience?

user experience illustrationExcellent user experience will always be important, as the rising expectations of customers continues to grow and new technologies continue to emerge. With the rise in mobile use and social media, companies are investing in new methods to communicate back and forth with their customers and staff, such as online chat facilities. It has provided users with an easier way to solve a problem or query, they no longer want to sit in a queue on the telephone to speak with a staff member. As a business, ignoring these improved methods would be dangerous and compromise their overall user experience and ultimately your quality of service.

User experience should meet the need of the user, solve their query, be familiar and predictive with good flow. All packaged with the brand. It is important to master web and mobile design for your user, making their journey as intuitive as possible. But there is also a huge benefit of having an effective user experience for the business, that is the data that you can gather from user behaviour, allowing you to plan, improve and make their journey even easier.


User Experience and Totalmobile

Beautiful-Forms-Totalmobile field management softwareUser Experience is how a person feels and experiences using a website or an application; here at Totalmobile it is fundamental that our customers are happy and benefiting from using our products. Our users rely on our products and use them every day to ensure that they are doing the best job they can, so user experience is extremely important. We aim to make everything as easy and productive as possible, this involves simple but secure accessibility, clever and beautiful design and easy navigation on native design that is familiar to them.

The important aspect to remember is native design that is responsive, in our ever-growing technology driven world we all use applications, mobiles and websites every day. By ensuring that the design is native to whichever handset it is going to be used on is key for driving user adoption. Familiar features, swipe motions, hold to save or even as simple as recognising the buttons and clicks, all help to make the user experience easy and intuitive.


When It All Goes Wrong

If you were in any doubt as to the importance of user experience, the stats show us the damage poor user experience can have:

  • 52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company
  • Mobile users are 5x more likely to abandon a task if it isn’t optimised for mobile.


Constantly, re-evaluating and testing your user experience is essential to ensure that you are supporting and meeting your staff’s needs. Creating a beautiful and intuitive user experience will ensure that your business provides technology that allows staff to get the most out of their jobs, by using the software to the best of its ability you will increase the quality and efficiency of service provided. For the business, it enables you to stand out from competitors and is memorable for all the right reasons.


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