Remote Working Series: Halfway Mark of Remote Year

Remote Working Series: Halfway Mark of Remote Year

Just over two weeks ago I flew home from my remote working adventure for the first time in 6 months to see my family, friends and of course, catch up with all the latest news in the Totalmobile office. The timing was perfect as it coincided with my sister’s wedding and I planned to work the first week I was back and take the second week to prepare for the wedding.

Looking back at the Last 6 Months

So far, my time travelling has been amazing, from the new cultures I’ve experienced in South East Asia to the more familiar yet still different cities of Europe I have recently been in. During my last week in Lisbon before coming home I felt all sorts of emotions about leaving the program for a short time, would I want to come back, would I miss it, etc.

Once I made it home, everything felt surreal and it felt like I hadn’t left at all. Falling into old habits with friends and slotting right back into the office was a great feeling and one that made me feel much more comfortable about my time away. My time in the office was so much fun, it was good to see so many faces I had left behind 6 months ago and to finally meet some of the new faces that have joined the company.

Lisbon Remote Working Series Mobile Workforce Management

My Two Weeks Back Home

Being in the office meant that I got to participate in person with our development stand-ups, retros and demos. I even got to demo some work for my team. This was one of the best parts of being back in the office, to talk face to face with the team, express my view points in person during planning and just to be a part of our fortnightly demos was something I had missed whilst being away.

The second week of being back home was just as hectic as the first, some of my fellow Remote Year colleagues just couldn’t see me go for 2 weeks and decided to visit me whilst I was at home! I took them to some sights around my home town and to see the Giant’s Causeway. Once they had moved onto their next trip the time had come for me to help with my sister’s wedding.

Giant's Causeway remote working

Visiting Ireland, Remote Working Field Workforce Management


When I arrived back home the first question many people asked was, how is it now you are back home or similarly how does it feel to be back in the office. My answer for both was the same, it feels surreal. The fact that I was away for 6 months and within a day of being home and in the office I was back into old habits with friends and colleagues is a testament not only to the remote working lifestyle but also to my friends, family and colleagues, who accepted me back into their lives in an instant.

Thinking about my performance whilst working remotely compared to being in the office, I think my standard of work and performance has been the same as if I was in the office. There are days when I’m much more productive and others where I am not and it balances itself out.

Remote Working Lisbon mobile workforce management



Although I loved being back in the office and being home seeing my friends and family, I can’t wait to get back out to Remote Year and finish the last 6 months of my adventure. A big thank you to everyone in the office who made me feel so welcome being back, it was so great to see you all again. I’ll see you in 6 months, now onto Prague 🙂

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