NHS staff crisis ‘worse than cash woes’

NHS staff crisis ‘worse than cash woes’

NHS staff crisis ‘worse than cash woes’

It has recently been reported that the NHS staff crisis is ‘worse than cash woes’. “The growing crisis in workforce morale is a greater risk to the NHS than the financial problems it is grappling with”, Nigel Edwards, CEO Nuffield Trust states.

He said if the problems persisted, the affinity staff felt for the NHS could be irreparably broken.

Research conducted by Totalmobile found that 1 in 5 UK adults have been seen by a visibly stressed nurse in the last 12 months. Also, estimates made 2 years ago, suggested the NHS was short by 50,000 workers and this figure has most likely increased since then.

The nhs staff crisis hasn’t been short of publicity, and it is widely known that something needs to change in order to maintain safe staffing levels throughout the UK.

What is this change?

One beneficial change would be to adopt mobile workforce management, with your nurses’ wellbeing at the focus. If your nurses’ feel appreciated and empowered, they will deliver the highest possible level of care to their patients. After all, it’s in their nature to nurture.

Mobile workforce management can save up to 2 hours, per nurse per day, resulting in an increase of workforce capacity, and productivity. Your existing nurses can spend more quality time with patients every day, or see more patients per day. This drastically reduces the need for agency staff.

Not only this, but mobile working eliminates paper records, and the need for your nurses to manually complete forms then re-enter the info into a computer back at base. Because of this, there is a boost in staff morale, and a modernisation of the NHS, which in turn will help retain staff, attract more nurses to the vocation, and eventually result in a higher recruitment pool, which is great for the future.

Mobile workforce management can also reduce overheads, in terms of office supplies such as paper, unnecessary travel, office space can be reduced, and the big one, expensive agency staff!

There are so many benefits gained from equipping your nurses with the latest technology, and the time has never been better.

For any further information on mobile working, or to find out what Totalmobile can do for your organisation, please contact us at www.totalmobile.co.uk/contact

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