How Increased Capacity is Achieved in the Mobile Workforce

How Increased Capacity is Achieved in the Mobile Workforce

With increasing demand on services and rising costs, the pressure on our mobile workforces and industries is growing. Workforce capacity is becoming squeezed. Time to complete jobs, update records and maintain regulation and standards is under threat. Many industries are facing additional problems, such as workforce retention, rising costs and increasing waiting times. For the health sector, demand on workforce professionals has increased, due to unstainable workloads and a high leaver rate. The pressure to maintain the high level of care they provide is growing.

Within construction and manufacturing, they face a major skills shortage with increasing demand and costs. These directly affect an organisation’s capacity and an individual’s ability to meet the level of demand, resulting in growing pressure on existing workers and a costly reliance on agency staff to supplement skills. It becomes increasingly important for employers to maintain a quality workforce whilst ensuring they have the mobile technology they need to complete their jobs on time and to a high standard. By investing in mobile workforce management, staff are able to reduce their use of paper-based administration, reduce travel time and overall feel invested in, boosting their confidence, whilst increasing retention and helping to attract a skilled workforce.

Increasing productivity and capacity with mobile working

The healthcare sector faces similar issues, it experiences the greatest strain on capacity. One in ten nurses are leaving the NHS every year, according to a recent article from the BBC. There are now more leavers than joiners, causing huge pressure on existing staff and workloads. More than half of those are aged under 40 and state that pressure and stress are the major factors, due to being so understaffed they can’t provide the level of care they are trained to. Health and social care workers require support and the easy access to patient information so that informed decisions can be made and the patient can be supported throughout their care. By enabling this sharing of information, through mobile workforce management, patients can be supported back in their homes and in the community.

illustrations of healthcare with mobile device

Mobile technology has become the norm in our everyday lives and by implementing mobile workforce management solutions, some of these key problems areas we’ve identified can be improved. This improvement is driven by the creation of greater workforce capacity. By using an intuitive mobile application that contains all visit information at the point of service, mobile workers have full visibility and can make informed decisions. By using forms to fill out information quickly and capturing evidence such as signatures and images, the time spent completing paperwork is reduced. All information is synced automatically to their back-office system – eliminating their need to return to the office to type up notes or spend personal time completing compliance. These provide relief from the pressures of their workloads.

For staff, these improved working processes mean that time is saved, with additional time they have greater capacity. More time is spent on doing the important work that drives continued capacity for the greater workforce. Additional capacity takes many forms, it can mean more jobs with the same staff, shorter waiting times, the ability to take on new work or even for staff to have a better work life balance. For any organisation, it’s important to begin tackling the issues we have outlined if the growing demand on services is to be met, it begins with establishing mobile workforce management as a key solution for transformation.


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