How Facilities and Field Service Management Work Together

How Facilities and Field Service Management Work Together

Facilities management is a growing service industry worth £110 bn. With a booming population and a multi-generational workforce how this service is delivered is a major concern for facilities management firms. It presents a unique set of challenges in managing field services; maintaining compliance with a large workforce spread over multiple disciplines is only one of these major factors. Another is the growing demand for services as the population continues to grow, all whilst maintaining a high standard of service and keeping up-to-date with industry regulation. It requires investment in the right technology. Technology that will empower your mobile workforce with tools that unlock efficient work processes and ensures that these unique challenges are met and handled effectively.

How Facilities and Field Service Management Work Together

With Totalmobile’s platform, WorkNow, we unlock the potential in your field service workforce and ensure that they are able to do their work as efficiently as possible, with tools that are intuitive and tailored to their needs.

Facilities management engineer using field service software solution

Compliance is an ever expanding and changing aspect of facilities management, with most organisations measuring compliance differently. It is essential that compliance is managed throughout your mobile workforce and the various teams in the field. Ensuring that each staff member is maintaining the same standards limits the opportunity for human error. With Totalmobile’s workforce management solution this is easily managed with all appropriate forms contained within the job, ensuring that the user fills each form out before the job can be marked completed. Appropriate information at your fingertips, ensuring that compliance isn’t compromised.

Sustainability is another key consideration for those in facilities management; mobile working with Totalmobile enables efficient processes allowing your workforce to concentrate on the work that matters and on building a sustainable future.

Creating agile processes involves eliminating repeated and unnecessary work. With our mobile workforce management solution, there is a huge range of features that do just that. All information is stored on your mobile worker’s device, staff are able to capture images and signatures, as well as fill out any forms required. All this important information is securely stored and uploaded to the back office systems. Not only is there a reduction in paper work but also in travel back to the office, there is no need to fill out the information again. Each day your teams can securely log in, access detailed job information, see notes from previous visits or special requirements. Everyday work becomes fine-tuned.

facilities management and mobile working

Another area of importance for facilities management firms is emissions. There has been a call to reduce emissions, with staff travelling back and forth from the office as the main culprit. With our dynamic scheduling solution, staff are assigned their jobs and can use the Map view to see the job locations as pins. There is no need to return to the office instead they are enabled with the right information on their device and can travel straight to the site. Allowing them to do more work, save fuel costs and emissions.

Staff skills are also used more effectively with our dynamic scheduling solution. Our AI powered engine, Mendel, ensures that the right staff are doing more of the right work, improving productivity and boosting morale. Add in our analytics solution and you can drill down into stats on exactly where resources are being used, start analysing trends and using this essential data to inform and provide actionable insights for your business.

The future of facilities management continues to develop and adapt to the changing landscape, working alongside Totalmobile and the intuitive solutions we provide your mobile workforce will be equipped to do more of the work that truly matters.

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