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Despite developing their own in-house solutions previously, Clancy Docwra turned to Totalmobile to provide their field service management software .

Field Service Management – mobilising their workforce

Clancy Docwra’s company mission is to be the most trusted provider of central services in the UK. In order to achieve this mission, they implemented Totalmobile across all contracts within the business used by their gangs and their operatives.

Clancy Docwra chose to work with us as our solution is the easiest to use for their gangs working out in the field. Our solution simplified access to information for employees operating virtually anywhere in the UK.

Our user friendly interface has been critical to adoption. Employees were able to use the solution, after only 1 hour of training – meaning disruption to service delivery was minimal. This proved to be good, not only for existing operatives, but also for any new staff. They could start work extremely quickly and be productive almost immediately.

Where previous systems were designed around the data that needed to be captured for central reporting and monitoring, Totalmobile prioritises the needs of work gangs in the field, focusing on usability to boost user adoption. Gangs claim Totalmobile to be “as easy to use as Facebook”.

Since using Totalmobile, Clancy Docwra have been able to replace hundreds of different paper reports and costly ruggedised portable computers, with a single app that fits in a PPE trouser pocket.

Smart Analytics

Not only is Clancy Docwra benefiting with increased productivity by mobilising their workforce – they are also gaining invaluable insights into how their operatives work.

Clancy Docwra can now share data with customers – even connecting seamlessly to their ERP systems and allowing them to realise the benefits of the available information in real-time. As well as helping streamline works management functions internally, clients can get real-time updates delivered directly into their own ERP system for further analysis, via Totamobile’s field service management solution.

The closer integration has helped strengthen client relationships and establish a significant competitive advantage for Clancy Docwra in the crowded and competitive utilities marketplace. Efficient sharing of real-time data delivers cost savings for every party, and creates a framework for future value-added services that can be leveraged for further revenue opportunities in the future.

Matt Cannon, Director at Clancy Docwra said “The future for Clancy Docwra is bright. We’ve got a lot of work, we’re in a good place. As we look to 2020 and as for the 5 year business plan, Totalmobile is a key part of that plan. Systems and technology are only going to become more and more important and our duty to use technology to enhance our efficiency is vital if we are to remain competitive and successful”


Totalmobile is a Field Service Management (FSM) provider passionate about making work and the lives of mobile workers better. An established market leader with 375 staff across the UK and Ireland, Totalmobile supports over 1,000 organisations and 500,000 workers to transform the delivery of field services and experience an exceptional return on investment.