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Businesses and organisations have been faced with the digital revolution for many years; it isn’t a new concept, but it has become a more common term as technology has enhanced and begins to reach a truly innovative stage. Digital Transformation in the form of new mobile working practices, is now essential for many companies as they begin to transform their processes and systems to a point of no return. Digital strategies, digital marketing – all departments are feeling the buzz. The time to take the plunge into the digital pool has arrived.

Don’t let your business return to an industrial wasteland, join the Digital Transformation.

Society has been through a similar revolution before – the Industrial Revolution.

During this period, society saw radical economic and social change, causing upheaval, job loss and a shift in education and training. It was seen as a dark time by many. Currently, we are experiencing a slightly different revolution; we are in the era of millennials and are witnessing a dependence on mobile technology that is almost unconscious.

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We simply love technology and all things digital.

We are moving away from physical assets, towards big data and connectedness. It’s becoming clear that to develop an understanding of customer behaviour requires proper insights into this data. As a collective, we are developing a reliance on digital systems and processes, therefore it’s vital for a business to explore and develop a strategy for digital transformation.


Digital Transformation and Mobile Working

Digital transformation is now a key element in reaching a business’s target audience; customer behaviour is changing – they expect faster results and more efficient services. For a business with field workers, that means mobile working is changing as well. Digital transformation has arrived here too.

At Totalmobile, our field service management solution focuses on mobile workers by transforming how they work, by providing a mobile working solution that minimises paperwork, travel back and forth to the office and allows greater independence.

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The results of digital workforce management include:

  • Improved staff morale
  • Improved productivity
  • Ultimately putting the customer at the centre and improving customer service

The Industrial Revolution resulted in roles changing, certain skills becoming less valued and new roles emerging. The Digital Transformation promises to make jobs more efficient and with less room for human error, however, it has already seen a rise in new roles, like information security careers, as well as the role of CIO becoming more significant within an organisation as infrastructure is a key component to digital transformation.


Implementing Digital Transformation for Your Mobile Workforce

The transformation must be implemented from the top down within a business; it’s the leadership that must lead the way, as it’s not a simple update that can be completed when you are asleep. One area of the business cannot trial the update in an isolated experiment, instead all internal and external resources and teams must be invested and ready for the change.

 Michael Wu, Chief Scientist at Lithium Technologies states: “a true business transformation requires more than just the adoption of new technology. Digital transformation usually starts with some kind of technology upgrade…”

It requires a strategy that considers the constantly changing digital landscape, one that involves security, big data and the ever-increasing development of the Internet of Things. It will also see a rise in the standards of training and education, as more roles will involve knowledge on security, coding etc.


Digital Transformation and IoT

Just when you think you have a handle on all this technology and new trends, the Internet of Things (IoT) comes along! During the current period of digital adoption, mobile working will continue in strength, but with one eye looking ahead, we see the future of digital being IoT. The transformation does not show any signs of slowing down any time soon; the Internet of Things offers amazing and inspiring new ways of working, ways to make life easier and change even further what customers expect of us.

By getting ahead of the competition, through mobile working software and implementing a digital strategy for your organisation, the Internet of Things will just be another step on the way to a full digital transformation.



Totalmobile is a Field Service Management (FSM) provider passionate about making work and the lives of mobile workers better. An established market leader with 375 staff across the UK and Ireland, Totalmobile supports over 1,000 organisations and 500,000 workers to transform the delivery of field services and experience an exceptional return on investment.