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WorkNation 2017 took place on the 19th October 2017; set in the stunning and iconic Leadenhall Building, all the way up on Landing 42. The mobile working technology event saw industry leaders and innovators coming together to discuss the future of mobile working.

Lead by the keynote speaker, Simon Devonshire OBE, the event discussed and explored in-depth the implementation of the latest technology and the journey organisations have taken to ensure success. Simon explored the amazing possibilities as we become more bionic, before leading a panel that focused on what leading companies like Samsung and Totalmobile are doing to prepare for the future.

Simon Devonshire WorkNation The Future of Mobile Working

There were clear messages to take home from the gathered leaders who had experienced the implementation of mobile workforce management hands on. One of those messages, emphasised by Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile, was to establish outcomes before you start your mobile transformation. As any delay in realising this will only cause problems down the line and result in getting “stuck”.

One of the key areas of discussion was around user adoption, the speakers highlighted some issues that they had faced and there was a common thread around the multi-generational workforce. Organisations need to be careful about what they introduce as digital, as to one generation it is normal and to the other it can be new and scary. A different approach must be taken to each mobile worker and efforts must be made to understand the problems they face every day if organisations wish to overcome user adoption issues.

It became clear that a project around mobile workforce management and change is a cultural change, a hearts and minds project – an idea that all of the WorkNation speakers were united on. It became clear that many of these innovators and leaders had made huge change within their organisations to successfully implement tailored solutions that worked for them and their mobile workforce. A sentiment that was summarised by Steve Muddiman, CMO of Totalmobile, he described it as being similar to launching a boat and losing sight of the shore. It’s about taking the plunge to enable change and transformation. As Marie Cummings from VirginCare eloquently put: “Be prepared to take some calculated risks.”

The event was a fantastic opportunity for Totalmobile to showcase the range of solutions that are available to enhance and improve mobile working, alongside partners who are engaged in the same challenge.


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