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Recently, the government has reported a £40 million investment in the NHS to streamline systems as part of an IT upgrade. The investment will see a reduction in staff log in times and help improve access to clinical records and information. The BBC recently stated staff have great difficulty accessing information such as ordering X rays, accessing lab results and A&E records by having to log in to as many as 15 different systems each time. Not only is this frustrating for NHS staff as it is a time-consuming process, but it is also heightens security risks. This additional amount of time spent on admin tasks also means that less time is being spent with patients, impacting upon their care.

However, the introduction of approximately £40 million will help hospitals and clinics introduce a single sign on system. The investment is the governments next step in the process to drive forward and revolutionise technology. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock stated “Too often technology slows down and frustrates staff, it’s time to get the basics right.”

Although this is a obviously good news,  it’s key that it is invested in the right technology which can really make a difference. Technology which streamlines processes, increases compliance and removes lengthy, manual activities enabling greater capacity to deliver services. According to Gov.UK Chief Executive of NHSX, Matthew Gould said: “Today’s announcements mean we can start to tackle one of the biggest gripes staff have with their tech. It will allow staff across the NHS to spend more time with their patients and less time fighting their computers.”


The impact of mobile workforce management within the health and social care industry

As experts in the delivery of mobile workforce management solutions to the health and social care market, Totalmobile have seen first-hand the transformational benefits this technology can have to the delivery of key services.

So, what impact does mobile workforce management have on the health and social care industry and how will this investment help?

Mobile workforce management can have a significant impact on how services are delivered within the healthcare market. Clinicians have instant access to all required information, available in one place at the point of service. Clinical time is spent assessing the needs of the patient rather than completing repetitive forms or trying to access multiple back office systems. As previously stated by the BBC, currently health staff are having to log into 15 different systems at a time. However by implementing mobile workforce management, there is no delay in accessing patient history, staff can easily access all information required, via one solution at the point of care. With a reduction in administration duties, staff have additional capacity to spend more quality face to face time with patients, providing a level of care that is efficient, consistent and informative. Furthermore, with better accuracy of information, overall patient outcomes are improved.

Health Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile workforce management offers a range of further benefits including:

  • Providing staff with access to information at the point of service not only improves information retrieval and access but it can also have a powerful impact on other elements of staff roles, such as creating a less stressful and frustrating working environment and providing a better work life balance, therefore improving morale.
  • Health and care providers can also share information and access across departments, while ensuring staff are all following standardised processes and remaining compliant.
  • Technology can ultimately enhance the digital maturity of the NHS resulting in a journey which can then look to include such technologies as skill based dynamic scheduling, IoT and data analytics.
  • It encourages the focus on the front-line worker, providing them with access to devices, empowering data capture and information and optimising services to make them more efficient.


Totalmobile in Health & Social Care

Totalmobile is at the forefront of transforming the healthcare market. We provide solutions that transform the delivery of community health, mental health, and social care services. By focusing on the needs of the clinician, we empower them to focus on delivering better outcomes to patients. In particular, we have extensive experience of working with a number health and social care organisations across the UK such as Barnet, Enfield & Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust, West London NHS Trust, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Cambridgeshire County Council. Our solutions deliver significant outcomes such as:

  • 31% more face to face patient time
  • 100% of patient visits successfully outcomed
  • 61% reduction in clinical record input time

If you’d like further information on how we can help you improve efficiencies across your healthcare organisation, contact us today or visit our website.

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