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2017 has seen some ground-breaking developments, from IoT to the most expensive iPhone ever. But things have also been rapidly developing for mobile working. Totalmobile has been at the forefront of the rise of mobile workforce enablement solutions with our platform WorkNow, but the good news is that these solutions are set to continue to transform how our mobile workers do their jobs. Read on to learn more about what the future of mobile workforce management will look like in 2018.

Mobile Workforce Management Growth

Alongside mobile workforce management and dynamic scheduling, the future for enterprise solutions will also focus on the growth of the Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS). The trend of owning physical assets will continue to move towards the consumption of services, reducing the need for complex infrastructure and physical onsite space. The easy accessibility of SaaS has already begun to connect people to innovations like IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

These topics might seem complex but the benefits they can offer an organisation are truly transformational.

future trends for mobile workforce management

The future of mobile working sees the continuous development of innovative technology that truly benefits the everyday working lives of our workforces. This is good news for our mobile workforce enablement platform which uses AI and machine learning to provide mobile workforce management and dynamic scheduling – just two of the innovative capabilities from WorkNow.


The Cloud & Integrated Applications

However, according to the Information Age, it is Cloud, mobility, and IoT which are “tearing down the barriers of resistance.” For software, the key development is in its deployment – eventually, it will be delivered solely via the Cloud, independent of the device. With the Cloud comes the opportunity to provide services that can be fully integrated. For those who develop singular standalone applications, they will see a shift towards open applications that can work together seamlessly to provide empowering business solutions.

Cloud Computing and mobile workforce managment

This is exactly what WorkNow is designed to do, it is a digital ecosystem design to support and enable organisations to transform how they work through mobile solutions that solve the everyday issues mobile workers face. We currently provide APIs to enable integration for customers and their specific needs. But the future could see these develop further – into a marketplace where customers can choose from a wide variety of applications to produce a bespoke solution of their own.

Closed platforms will become a thing of the past, by not embracing interoperability these platforms will make it harder for organisations to implement mobile solutions. It’s time to open up and integrate, creating more opportunities for mobile workers and their organisations.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning is already a key feature of WorkNow. It will continue to drive data conversion and enable intelligent decisions to be made throughout health, local government, and industries. The future could see mobile workers benefit from intuitive help from their device, e.g. certain best practice forms automatically opening depending on the job.


Security is always a key consideration, but as we continue to move towards the Cloud, the perception that onsite is more secure is changing. In fact, the security features provided in cloud environments are much more advanced due to the developers building in security as they code.

future trends for mobile workforce management

The future of mobile workforce management is set to continue its journey into change and discovery; technology will continue to grow and become more useful, intuitive and fluid. Here at Totalmobile, we are continuing to develop the latest technologies that can make the lives of our users easier.


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